With an extra hall added to create additional space for new exhibitors at this year’s Vineyard & Winery Show, the organisers are pleased to report many new names are being added to the list.

Plans for this year’s Vineyard & Winery Show on 20 November 2024 are well underway and organisers Vineyard Magazine are delighted that a range of new exhibitors are attending the event on 20 November. Vivai Cooperativi Rauscedo , who were featured in the May edition of Vineyard will be exhibiting for the first time. One of the world’s largest vine suppliers, Vivai’s group of growers grow 80 million vines and supply 35 countries from their Italian vineyards with pioneering research to create disease resistant vines carried out at state-of-the-art facilities in Pordenone, just 70km from Venice. Vivai provide prospective customers with samples of wine that has been made from the new vines, ensuring that you really can try before you buy! Samples of their wines will be available to taste from their stand at the show, as well as in the newly created Piwi Wine tasting hub in the First Hall.

“As the show continues to expand, we are seeing more international exhibitors who are keen to support the UK industry with supplies and expert knowledge,” commented Jamie McGrorty, publisher of Vineyard Magazine. “This highlights how our growing industry is catching the attention of the wider international community. As our industry continues to grow at an astounding rate we can benefit more than ever from the knowledge of these companies who have such a long standing history,” added Jamie.

To aid growers who are interested in new varieties and Piwi wines, Defined Wine, contract wine makers and long term supporters of The Vineyard & Winery Show will be hosting a Piwi wine tasting session in the afternoon. Sponsored by Oak Creative, Henry Sugden, CEO of Defined Wine will take growers and wine makers through a range of Piwi wines produced by Defined Wine, which will really highlight the amazing potential and show what is already being produced in the UK.

The additional space at this year’s show means that other new names have also been added that will be exhibiting for the first time, such as Glosrose Engineering who supply mechanical handling equipment including Manitou and Bobcat brands. Established 40 years ago and based only a short distance from the showground in Maidstone, the family business has extensive knowledge of all types of mechanical handling and construction equipment.

FGS Agri is another well-known company within the agricultural industry that will be exhibiting for the first time at the 2024 Vineyard & Winery show. Established 30 years ago as an agricultural contracting business offering a range services such as Farm & Estate Management and Utility contracting, in recent years the company launched FGS Organics, offering soil improvement solutions to enhance soil health and productivity, an area that is key to all vine growers.

Last but certainly not least in our announcements this month, Mobitech Lift Trucks will also be exhibiting for the first time with an impressive stand booked just inside the John Hendry Hall. A family run company established in 1986, their range of telehandlers and trucks are ideal for use in the vineyard, with brands such as Agrimac’s 4wd trucks, EP electric warehouse equipment and Goodsense Forklifts.

If any companies would like to exhibit and have not yet booked a space please contact: jamie@vineyardmagazine.co.uk or telephone 01303 233883.