The seminar programme on 22 November has an exciting line up of presentations from speakers, all experts in their fields, who will share their experiences, communicate their ideas and encourage discussion and networking.

The seminar sessions, in affiliation with WineGB, will take place throughout the day on topics that are current and pertinent to the industry and its sustainable future – in viticulture, winemaking and marketing, along with a dedicated session for new entrants.

The seminar programme is sponsored by Ferovinum Ltd, a working capital platform that enables wine producers and wholesalers to release capital against their inventory during ageing and marketing periods.

The seminars will take place in the John Hendry Pavilion from 9am. Breakfast and coffee, sponsored by Orchard Cooling and OnePay, will be served from 8.30am.


Welcome address

Nicola Bates, CEO, WineGB


Keynote address

Anne Jones, John Lewis Drinks Brand Experience Development Manager, Trustee of Sustainable Wine Roundtable, and WineGB Sustainability Ambassador


Wine tourism: Exploring growth and opportunities

Julia Trustram Eve, Head of Marketing, WineGB

Patricia Yates, CEO, Visit Britain

James Osborne, Partner in Rural Consultancy, Viticulture, Knight Frank


Breaking into the US market: how to simplify your export supply chain

Mitchel Fowler, Founder & CEO, Ferovinum

Kirsten Polyansky, Director of Americas and CLO, Ferovinum


Is your brand market-ready? Five ways to stand out

Alex Ririe, Director, The Collaborators


E-labelling: the new regulations and planning ahead

Lauritz Merkel, Business Development Manager, Imero

Jonas Schenk, Co-Founder, Imero

Matthew Johnson, Head of Business Development, Bottlebooks


Sustainability in wine production

Bruno Estienne, CEO, Bucher Vaslin


Long term impact of copper and cultivation on soil

Nick Cooper, Agronomist Director, Mycolife Ltd

Ian Robertson, Director, Sustainable Soil Management

Flora O’Brien, Specialist in Root Biology, NIAB


Herbicide drift: impact and how to deal with it

Simon Day, Head of Production, Kingsthorne

Tony Purdie, Vineyard Manager, Yotes Court


Wastewater: measurement, treatment and reduction

Ben Smith, Head Winemaker, Itasca

Nick Lane, Head Winemaker, Defined Wine


Calcium instability: risks, analysis and solutions

Belinda Kemp, Group Leader – Viticulture & Oenology Research, NIAB