Plenty of space at the show – even for a machine harvester!

Knowing that there is nothing better than seeing vineyard equipment first-hand, N.P. Seymour and S.J. Barnes have reserved enough space at the Vineyard & Winery show in November to bring a massive Pellenc machine harvester, the new Fendt tractors, a Wagner vine planter, loads of machinery and vineyard equipment as well as examples of trellising from Profil Alsace.

“The Vineyard & Winery Show is at a perfect time of year for us, we will have time to talk to members of the industry and reflect on the season. It’s great that it is inside – so that we won’t be freezing. It’s also great that all the winery suppliers will be there too, as often at shows, especially in the summer, only vineyard suppliers attend,” said Sam Barnes.

“Nick and I, and the rest of the team at Seymours are very much looking forward to welcoming visitors to our stand – after such a challenging year it will be lovely to see everyone,” commented Claire Seymour.