Rankin is the first exhibitor booking at the new Vineyard & Winery Show

Rankin Brother & Son, suppliers of bottle closures, became the first exhibitor for the Vineyard & Winery Show, as soon as the bookings were opened on 9 December.

The show will take place on 24 November at the Kent Country Showground and will provide the perfect opportunity for all viticulturalists, winemakers, suppliers and the trade to come together. There will be a packed programme including technical talks from WineGB and tastings of the UK’s top wines. November is the best time in the wine producer’s year as harvest is over and there is a chance to draw breath before the new season starts. All events will be under one roof, so there are no worries that rain will stop play.

“We are really happy to dive in and to be the first and it’s the first physical event we have booked for next year, so we are very much looking forward to it,” said Jim Rankin, Managing Director. We desperately miss the physical meetings, those spontaneous conversations and the spark that you can’t get with zoom, so this event is hugely important,” added Jim.

“The UK’s vineyard and winery sector has reached a critical phase, so it’s right that we have our own `local’ expo, on our home shores. The sector has experienced such phenomenal growth over the last 10-15 years. We have built a solid reputation for the quality and uniqueness of our wines and we continue to receive accolades and awards competing against the very best the world can offer. So the expo is an invaluable opportunity for the sector and the supply chain to come together and for the suppliers to show how they can support the vineyards and wineries at a very local level. The sector needs a robust, capable and flexible supply chain and it needs reliable partners it can trust; partners who can help the producer achieve their ambitions for growth. The expo is an ideal forum for conversations, to build relationships and to explore new ideas and solutions. It’s also a chance to discuss our strategies on sustainability and climate change mitigation, through our activities and the design of products that are more environmentally positive,” commented Jim.

“I would encourage everyone to dive in and take a good look at what our local supply chain can offer. There really is no need to jump on a plane; we can showcase our capabilities here and in a relaxed and informal setting,” added Jim.