Central to the many activities at the Vineyard & Winery Show, on 24 November 2021, will be the wine tasting hub – a 30m-long table displaying 100s of the UK’s top wines. Proud sponsors are Defined Wine, and as a contract winery a fair few of the wines will have been made by the team at Defined Wine.

Henry Sugden, owner of Defined Wine said: “We are really looking forward to sponsoring the wine tasting hub which will showcase the fantastic range and quality of wine being made in England and Wales now.”

Defined Wine was set up in 2018, with 2020 being its second harvest. Based in Kent, Defined Wine makes both sparkling and still wines, but solely for its clients and does not own any vineyards or have its own brand, so there is no distraction. Allowing them to entirely focus on their clients.

Defined Wine has an experienced team, with head winemaker, Nick Lane, who was at Cloudy Bay for 13 years and spent the last five years in Champagne. The Vineyard & Winery show will be a great opportunity to discuss winemaking options with Henry, Nick and the team at Defined Wine and find out more about the many services, from crate to case, that are offered.

Sponsored by Defined Wine