With the UK viticulture market expanding, OnePay and AG Recruitment both work to support our growing industry by ensuring that the sector has the workforce that vineyards require, and that their wages are secure, and the employers and employees are supported. 

Both businesses were full of praise for the first vineyard and winery show which made their decision to become hospitality sponsors an easy one to make. “The 2021 Vineyard & Winery Show was excellent for us as a business, we met with so many vineyard owners and businesses requiring seasonal labour, returning in 2022 and joining the prestigious group of sponsors was a very easy decision” said Estera, owner of AG Recruitment. 

“The show works for us on so many levels and it’s great that we can help look after the enormous numbers of attendees too,” added Dougie, her business partner. AG Recruitment are one of the government’s four approved seasonal scheme labour providers and as such are uniquely placed to find vineyard owners and wine makers the ideal workforce, delivered when needed, already trained and ready for action. Their excellent reputation is well deserved in the sector as they are committed to ensuring employers and workers both behave ethically, professionally and responsibly – they see this as fundamental to developing a sustainable working relationship. 

Alison of OnePay is most definitely of the same thinking when it comes to long lasting, sustainable relationships with clients. One of their founding clients within this sector is UK Vinecare Limited, and for the last seven years, OnePay has provided accounts for their workers. “We’re not as well known in viticulture as we are in other industries,” she adds. “There are some really notable vineyards that we work with each year.” 

The list is indeed notable – looking after Nyetimber, for instance, OnePay supports around 150 workers on site. There are approximately 400 new worker accounts established for vineyard workers each season, there are also a good number who return year on year too. 

So how does using OnePay work for businesses? As a new arrival into the UK it’s not always possible to get a high street bank account, so OnePay works directly with the vineyards and employers providing each of their workers with their own account details and card. A fast turnaround delivering accounts and cards within two to four working days, along with multilingual literature to support their workers. Means businesses don’t need to worry about paying workers on time. The primary benefit for workers is for those that might otherwise be financially excluded, a debit card and account enabling them to receive and save their wages securely.  

Unfortunately, financial exploitation is on the increase, and because OnePay works directly with the businesses and their employees, there is no reason for any workers to share a bank account. OnePay offers various multilingual platforms, including an app, online portal, IVR telephone systems and inhouse multilingual call handers, enabling workers to take care of their own banking needs. 

The kind of services provided by Ali and her team, coupled with the ethical recruitment practices of the AG dynamic duo means that their clients can be confident that their workforce are happy, secure and protected during their time in the UK. 

Both businesses take care of all of their clients through one-to-one relationships, making sure there is time to talk. This is one of the reasons that they decided to take on the hospitality sponsorship, they’re helping everyone at the event connect and catch up, and that includes that vital cup of coffee waiting for you on 23 November, courtesy of the OnePay and AG  Recruitment teams.