With this year’s Vineyard & Winery Show just under six months away, Vineyard Magazine are pleased to announce a number of new brands that will be exhibiting for the first time. 

Knight Frank, Rootwave, WBC and Pinks Group have all booked space to appear at the third instalment of what has quickly become the main event for the UK’s viticultural industry. 

RootWave, the Warwickshire based electrical weed control (eWeeding) manufacturer, will be promoting it’s first electrical powered weeding machine at this year’s show. 

In independent trials in orchards last year, the company’s patented high-frequency eWeeding system delivered full control of weeds, similar to results from trials in sugar beet and maize during the same summer (2022).

The RootWave machine treats weeds in the rows of vines using treatment electrodes on purpose-designed hydraulic arms, to work seamlessly between different row widths. The treatment uses electricity to create heat within the weed and roots boiling them from the inside out.

Growers can reserve a machine now, with those first in the queue able to secure delivery in spring 2024.

In 2018 the company successfully launched a professional hand-held eWeeder RootWave Pro, and has sold over 150 units in the UK and Europe.

CEO Andrew Diprose said: “RootWave delivers better weed control in fewer treatments at a lower cost. It will become the indispensable tool for growers that want effective weed control without any environmental issues. 

“Our technology is certified organic and helps nature restore its soils, water and biodiversity.”

In the company’s own tests eWeeding provided full control of weeds at a lower total energy use than chemical herbicides.

Mr Diprose said: “RootWave delivers the most effective, economical, environmentally friendly and safe weed control on the market.

“It works so well because the plant and roots are killed by heat generated within the weed itself. And because it works so well, the number of applications you need in a season is comparable to that of herbicides and less than required for mechanical weeding. We are the only eWeeding provider using high-frequency electricity, which has significant advantages over standard 50Hz or DC wave forms.”

Specialising in the manufacture of vineyard maintenance equipment such as flail mowers, mulchers and ATV attachments such as toppers and spreaders, Voxx Machinery will occupy a large space near the entrance of the Maidstone building at this years Vineyard & Winery Show.

Founded in 2017 by Robert Burr, their specialised range of machines cater specifically for fruit and vineyard application, with all manufacturing taking place in the UK. Robert said “Our aim and passion is to manufacture our UK machines to not only be stronger and more durable than others but ensure they are built to be ergonomically pleasing, minimising areas such as water traps, areas debris can collect and reducing down time when it occurs. As well as this, having a common sense approach to positioning of items such as grease points, service hatches and chains for hanging PTO shafts. We take pride in manufacturing our machines so you can enjoy using them as much as we enjoy making them”. 

Land Agents Knight Frank, fresh from recently appointing James Osbourn previously of Squerryes Wine Estate, have taken a prominent position near the WineHub in the Maidstone Hall.

Assisting UK vineyard owners to find suitable land using their bespoke digital mapping tool, which reviews data on soil type, altitude, slope direction, historic weather patterns along with title ownership, Knight Frank are well worth speaking to if you are looking for suitable viticultural land. 

For the established Vineyard and winery business, Knight Frank are specialist advisors in investment and sales, renewables and grant funding.